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Giang Son Copper pipe

Copper tubes for various industrial applications :

  • Copper Tubes for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

  • Copper Tubes for Electrical Engineering

  • Copper Tubes for Automotive Industries

  • Copper Tubes for Water & Gas

  • Copper Tubes for Heat Exchangers & Locomotives

  • Copper Tubes for Heating Application & Solar Panels

  • Copper Tubes for General Engineering

    copper tubeWe provide copper tubes with a complete range of outer diameter and wall thickness combinations, engineered to exact specifications to meet the highest standards of performance as required by the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. These copper tubes are available in a variety of tempers to suit the intended applications. These copper tubes can be supplied either in straight lengths or coiled as per the requirement. As demand for operating efficiencies increases, Arje Metal Industries is your reliable source for precision and quality flow products to meet your objectives. Our products meet the highest industry standards and provide superior cleanliness for the contaminant-free transportation of refrigerants, oxygen and other gases. 

    Copper Tube Applications

    There are several widely accepted applications that utilize the qualities of copper tube and fittings to maximize performance, cost and ease of installation. A selected listing of these applications are listed below.

    A brief description of each of these applications are given here. Please click on any of these links to learn more about each application listed in the table below:

    Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
    Copper tube is widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems due to its high thermal conductivity which is about 8 times more than that from Aluminum tube. Copper, used for centuries, has gained new popularity in its modern form: light, strong, corrosion-resistance tube. Its long lasting and maintenance free characteristics make copper the leading choice for plumbing, heating, cooling and other mechanical systems.
    Direct Exchange Geothermal Heating/Cooling
    Earth coupled heat pumps take advantage of the fact that several feet underground the temperature is relatively constant, even when the temperature above ground is minus 20 or 120 degrees. Taking advantage of the temperature differential allows heat to be moved between the ground and the home rather than expensively generating heat or using conventional air conditioners to heat or cool the home.

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